Monday, February 15, 2010

delicious ambiguity.

dear lovelys :

"life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. delicious ambiguity." - gilda. radner-

I'm not quite sure how i want to do this whole blog thing. but i'm just going to take it one day @ a time. first things first: lets add some color to spice this up.

current obsessions:1. this picture. i love EVERYTHING about it. it's beautiful.
(you will learn i am obsessed with the olsens. specifically ashley, but mk rocks my world as well)
2. small potted plants. i recently purchased my baby jericho. he's a beaut. & has a wonderful little pot home . . . kinda like the above ones.
3. i strongly believe all females are princesses. & some males who are gender confused..4. this pillow. no 1 reason: it's in french. (i love ALL things french. yes i said all, don't test me) no 2 reason: it makes me smile. thats all.

5. just because.

todays thought: lent. lent takes place from ash wednesday . . . aka 2 days from now. and ends on Easter sunday, april 4th (this year) . . . 46 days away. the purpose behind this super long amount of time and struggle (for some) is to purify of sin & selfishenss through self denial & prayer... although i think adding something to your daily life can be just as difficult. background meaning: to get our lives & self focused on God, His will, & His coming. so this year... i'm giving up sweets (except coffee. i know that would be the hardest. but coffee helps me be productive) & i'm adding focusing on God & not relying on myself, my emotions, or my friends/family to get me through the next month+ until easter. wish me luck. & obviously keep me in your prayers.

song of the day: watch me fall apart by: sarah jaffe - why? b/c although it's somewhat depressing. it describes my mood. my thoughts, etc. not that i'm depressed, just more of contemplative and questioning of everything for the last several months.

: love me

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